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Stage/RF Technician

Providing the support oyur engineers need to keep the show on the road, be it full scale touring, squeezing into a club or wrestling through festival mud.

Covering RF Coordination, on site repairs and maintainence or just a helpful cup of tea to help the day go that little bit smoother.

Stage/RF Technician: CV

Oct-Nov 2017
Sept-Oct 2016


Stage Technician & Support Mons.

Spanning a collection of tours through eclectic venues across Europe and Western Russia.

Oct-Nov 2018
Oct-Nov 2016
Sept 2015
Feb 2014

Tom Odell

Stage/RF Technician & Support Mons.

A regular on the touring crew at either end of the multicore over the past few years.

Stage/RF Technician: Pro Gallery
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